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What help can our exercise videos library guide to exercising be to you? Do you need exercise guides at all for your workouts? Well the point of our exercise videos is that your workout requires you to use the right exercises and to do them correctly. This is a key problem with many fitness programmes and work outs - people are doing the right exercises, but not in the right way.

So here at thefitmap.co.uk we thought that we'd give you an exercise video library jam-packed with exercise guides and exercise videos to all the most popular exercises so that you can see how they are done. No messing about, just simple videos and an explanation of exactly how to do them. Or if that's not your bag find a personal trainer :

Abdominals :
Ab crunch
Bench crunch
Crunch with weights
Medicine ball crunch
Side bends
Reverse crunch

Back exercises - Upper :
Dumbell row
Barbell row
Cable rows
Dumbbell pullovers
Barbell shrugs
Dumbbell shrugs

Back exercises - Lower :
Back extensions
Back extensions with Partner

Leg exercises - Front :
Barbell squats
Step ups
Leg extension
Dumbbell lunges

Leg exercises - Rear :
Lying leg curls
Standing leg curls
Leg kickbacks
Barbell squats
Dumbbell lunges

Leg exercises - Calf muscles :
Calve raises
Arm exercises - triceps :
Close grip
French press
Tricep extensions
Dumbbell kickbacks
Tricep bench dips

Arm exercises - biceps :
Dumbbell curls
Concentration curls
Cable curls
Barbell bicep curls

Chest :
Bench press
Bench incline
Bench decline
Bench press - dumbbells
Chest pullover
Jump press
Press ups

Shoulders :
Dumbbell Press
Barbell Press
Upright row
Side raises
Cable side raises
Front raises
Cable front raises

Shoulders Shoulders Biceps Biceps Calves Calves Quadriceps Abdominals Chest

Upper Back Triceps Triceps Calves Calves Buttocks Hamstrings Hamstrings Lower Back




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