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Fitness test

Ever heard of a fitness test? Your gym has probably used fitness testing on you when you first turned up. Designed to check your overall fitness levels, fitness tests are an easy simple way to monitor your workout progress.

A regular fitness test is great to ensure you are gettin the best results out of your training. Online exercise guides can help you in understanding fitness testing and that's what we've done for you below.

Use the fitness tests below as a reference point, you can then look over time where you are excelling the most and what areas you are lacking in.

Body / Fitness Tests

After working out regularly, body/fitness tests will be a great way to judge your progress - repeat every two months or so to monitor.

» Balance tests
» Skinfold tests

» All body & fitness tests
Endurance Tests

Determine your current VO2 and Lactate thresholds as well as "maximum time to exhaustion" which for distance related events is invaluable.

» Aerobic tests
» Cycle tests
» Heart rate tests
» Running tests
» Treadmill tests

» All endurance tests
Explosive Tests

For activities requiring large amounts of power, explosive tests, on the whole, assess how much force you can generate over a specified period of time.

» Performance Evaluation
» Speed tests
» Sprint tests

» All explosive tests
Flexibility Tests

Perfect to ensure the stretching you do pays off. Do regularly to assess injury risk - the greater the range of motion you possess the less likely you'll become injured.

» Flexion tests
» Sit & reach tests
» Static tests

» All flexibility tests
Sports Specific Tests

Athletes should perform sports specific tests as often as possible. These assessments will help monitor your performance on the field or court following your training programs.

» Basketball tests
» Rowing tests
» Rugby tests
» Track & field tests
» Walking tests

» All sports tests
Strength Tests

Strength tests do exactly what they say on the tin. Performed as one-rep max measures for bench press, deadlift, squats and shoulder press they assess your strength.

» Core tests
» Lower body tests
» Upper body tests

» All strength tests




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