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We've developed our health and fitness and sports community section to bring together fitness quiz and exercise forums, key articles in dedicated topic areas and also some simple tools that you can use as and when.

With our health and fitness community channel, we want to help you to find out more about working out and getting fit from our hundreds of health & fitness articles, quizzes covering all topics and links to key areas of the site.

Do know all about sports injuries and prevention. Think you've got one? Find out more on stretching and how to treat an injury the right way.

Try some women's health quizzes on topics including menopause, pregnancy or even reducing stretch marks the quickest way.

Popular quizzes

We have literally hundreds of quizzes, but some are more popular than others, so we've presented them here for you to make life easy :

Top tips :

How often do you work your abs? There is no point doing every day as you need to rest your muscles.

Also vary your workout so that you are doing three or four different types of ab exercise for maximum benefit.

What do you know? A range of simple sports quizzes from coaching to pure fun. Football to athletics and swimming and more.

From natural skin care to working out the type of skin you possess, let our quizzes provide some great tips to help you care for your skin.

As a woman do you know what your body image is? Do you suffer from no confidence or low self esteem - try our simple quiz.

A run down of simple and easy exercises for weight lifting to build muscle and strength. Links to other exercises and videos.
Calorie & weight calculators

Quick quizzes on slimming and weight loss topics to give you some tips and ideas on diets

» BMI calculator
» Body shape 
» Calorie Counter
» Calories in food
» Calorie burned
» Glycemic index
» Pregnancy calendar
» Target heart rate
beauty skin care

» Beauty tips
» Beauty & skincare
» Health spa breaks
» Hair care advice
» Top make-up tips

Product showcases »


» Weight loss quizzes
» Diet quizzes
» Food quizzes
» Healthy eating quizzes
» Nutrition quizzes

Spa treatments »»»


» Daily calories
» Exercise after eating
» Calories in foods
» Health
» Nutrition
» Supplements
» Special diets

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Health & fitness articles

One way we can easily help you to improve a workout, get fit or lose weight is to provide different informative articles to help you do your research - so check out below for starters :
Cellulite treatments
Eye creams
Low carb
Weight loss
Make up remover
Fish oil
Six pack abs
Abdominal exercises
Flat stomach exercises
Lower back exercises
Cycling biomechanics
Stretching exercises
Strength training
Ankle sprains

Discuss latest issues, find a training partner or just read tips from other gym users.

Our dedicated forums and tools should help you to go that little bit further.
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