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Workouts require exercising to be done correctly. To exercise the right way - you need to know what you're doing - which is where you can use thefitmap.co.uk to help. Whether you're exercising at home or in the gym statr with our articles.

This exercise section focuses in exercising the right way and on workout tips that range from beginners through to advanced level athletes - with simple advice and easy to understand information.

Take our quick quiz all about chest workouts. Helping you with exercising this muscle group, there's 10 key questions.

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Home exercising
You can workout safely and easily in your own home - try some of the following exercises:

Top exercise tips :

Changing sleep patterns can affect your performance. Regular patterns and 7 / 8 hours of sleep will help your body perform at it's best!

If you find working out, concentration is not as it should be, look at your sleep and how much you are getting!

If you want to find specific exercises and workouts for females then look no further. From toning to cv rather than muscle building.

The latest craze - vibration training allows you to get a quick but effective workout - find out more and buy online.

Make sure if you work your arms - you do both the bicep and tricep. Read our simple advice and find some great workouts.

If you can't afford the real thing - consider this for online diaries and exercise videos and tips on improving your workouts.
Exercise Video guides

Learn how to do the exercises the easy way - by checking out our dedicated exercise videos.

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Ways to workout

Simple advice and tips on how to workout either at home or in the gym - includes videos of some exercises to show you exactly how to do the workout :
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