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Personal training

Thinking that you need personal training tips to gain momentum and boost your motivation? Great - it's what many people do. Find straight-forward advice and fitness tips on how to motivate yourself and to get results right here.

Whether you're thinking about trainer courses for a career, or want to boost your own knowledge for the gym, find out more with thefitmap.co.uk for FREE!


Learn about working out your abs right here. A varied selection of advice, videos and more to help tone and strengthen.

Find qualified and insured personal trainers right across the London area with our search by town or postcode. Get training now.
Training the right way
Exercise video guides and proven tricks to train the right way every time :

Get some sound advice and tips - before you start changing your regime!

Top training tips :

Seems obvious - but concentrate on your warm up and don't cut corners - it's what helps to prevent you pulling or straining muscles.

Advice and tips on training ideas open to you. From building muscle to toning your legs or tummy - a great starting point.

Some great video exercises to help strengthen your back. A vital set of exercises for also building core strength and overall fitness.

Work on your strength through specific exercises and tips. Quick guide to key pages throughout our site for tips and workouts.

A range of training ideas and tips to help you get ahead with your workouts. Simple and easy to follow advice and some invaluable tips.
Start training - the right way

Are you thinking about a more serious training regime? Then check our dedicated articles.

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personal training

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Ideas for training workouts

For training on your own and to supplement your gym sessions try some of the following exercises to work those muscles :
6 pack abs
Abdominal exercise 
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