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Chest exercises

With a wide range of chest exercises available, you may want to know how to perform some of the better ones properly. See our comprehensive list of chest exercises below and click the image or follow the link to see the video and complete explanantion of how to perform yourself.

With chest workouts it's about concentration and application of the right muscles. So follow the chest exercises carefully with a suitable weight.

Barbell Bench Press

To develop the whole of the pectoral region - especially the mid-lower area

Barbell Incline Press

A great exercise to develop the upper region of the chest as well as the shoulders

Barbell Decline Press

Develops the lower portion of the pectoral muscles as well as the shoulders

Dumbbell Flyes

Works the pectorals in virtual isolation from over muscle groups. A good shaping exercise.

Dumbbell Bench Press

This may allow rapid development as it utilizes the chests full range of motion (ROM).

Dumbbell Pullover

An exercise which utilizes the biomechanical partnership of the chest and back.

Jump Press Up

A high intensity exercise which utilizes power and speed to build strength.

Press Up

Use your own body weight to develop strength and tone without equipment.
Build yourself a program
  Exercises Sets Reps Rest
Beginner 1 or 8 2 12 - 20 2 minutes
Intermediate 2, 3 or 4 3 8 - 12 90 seconds
Advanced 5, 6 or 7 4 6 - 8 2 minutes




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