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Home workout

With our key exercise tips, your home workout and training program could take on a completely different dimension. With simple stretches and the right exercises, your home workout could be more dynamic and help each muscle group with specifi ctraining program information.

After making the decision to try a home workout, check our exercise tips for some simple ideas. For home workouts, we've split out all the major muscle groups in this section.


Build biceps and triceps for maximum strength with our exercise programs

» Bicep workouts
» Bicep exercises

» Tricep exercises
» Tricep workouts


Cover both your upper and lower back muscles with a complete workout

» Lower back workouts
» Lower back exercises

» Upper back workouts
» Upper back exercises


For the upper and lower pecs see our chest stretches and exercise programs below

» Chest exercises
» Chest stretches
» Chest programs

» Chest workouts


Cover your quads, thighs and hamstrings, you'll find great program ideas

» Leg workouts
» Hamstring exercises
» Knee workouts
» Leg exercises
» Thigh exercises


Workout the upper part of your torso with these shoulder exercises

» Shoulder girdle workouts
» Shoulder girdle exercises

» Shoulder exercises
» Shoulder workouts


Sort out those abs and obliques with some great exercise programs and tips

» Stomach exercises
» Abdominal workouts
» Core exercises
» Lower abs exercises
» Lower abs workouts

As well as basic exercise tips, we'll bring you programs, ways to stretch and more. You will soon realize that not all exercise programs are created equally and that you really need to find one that is targeted towards your own individual goals.

Our exercise tips and guides will show you that programs that are more targeted towards heart health will probably include a great deal of aerobic work. This would mean activities such as running, biking, using an elliptical machine or playing any sport that gets your heart rate up. Basically you just want to find something that gets your body moving on a continual basis. This will not only help your heart get into better cardiovascular shape but it will also help burn calories and aid in weight loss.

The next variety of exercise programs that people go on will be ones that are more geared for muscle building. These will utilize a variety of weight lifting techniques and provide an overloading stimulus on the body so that after rest has occurred, your muscles have grown back stronger and larger than before. Women in particular should look into this type of routine because they are often the ones most afraid of building muscle mass but are also the ones who seem to suffer the most loss of muscle with age. Losing muscle as you get older is a very bad thing and one which you want to avoid as it will slow down the metabolic rate and encourage weight gain. Do not be fearful if you are woman and think you will bulk up after lifting weights. Women do not have the hormones in their bodies that allow them to do this.

As with any fitness plan, before starting make sure you consult with a professional trainer. They will help ensure that whatever plan you do choose, it is safe and will be effective. Remember to schedule rest into your plan as well, as it is a key component if you want to see results and stay injury free. With proper guidance and a little research on your own, you should be more than capable of finding the right plan for your needs.



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