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Types of fitness training

It used to be that when people talked about types of fitness training, they were referring to just a few exercise options - running, tennis, or maybe a quick swim. Today, the types of fitness training available to you are limited only by your imagination.

More traditional workouts, such as resistance training, have been updated by the addition of new ideas, such as core body workouts, and are now accepted as appropriate for everyone. While some people train for a specific sport, such as a marathon or triathlon, others simply want to improve their overall body tone or manage their weight.

So let's take a quick look at some of the more esoteric and popular fitness training options available to you.

Core stability

Not sure about exercise? Learn about the benefits...

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Pregnancy exercises

Whether post or prenatal exercise, start here...

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Kick boxing

A full body workout with kick boxing...

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Life coaching

Try a life coach for ultimate life balance...

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Use NLP to advance your training and more...

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After an injury or medical issue, try rehab...

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Resistance training

Use resistance for your weight training exercise...

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Sports massage

Decrease injuries thanks to sports massage...

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Sports specific training

Target exercises for your sports for max benefit...

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Tai Chi

Get fit with martial arts & Tai Chi...

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Build up your muscles with our toning exercises

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Fit yoga into your fitness regime for real benefits...

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One of the types of training that is increasingly popular is 1 on 1 yoga. Yoga is a great way to increase your flexibility, stamina, and strength, and is perfect for anyone with a hectic lifestyle, as it can help you relax and manage stress. Individual sessions are tailored to ensure that you progress at your own pace. Another fast-growing option is Pilates, which focuses on the abdomen, lower back and buttocks, the core of the body. Pilates promotes body awareness and correct breathing, and like yoga, one-on-one sessions will optimise the benefits - improved spinal flexibility, improved range of motion and better posture. One on one instruction is great for anyone who is pre or post natal, or is in some form of rehabilitation.

For a more relaxed and focused approach, Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese form of exercise derived from Taoism, one of China's oldest belief systems. Tai Chi is a subtle, sophisticated method of self-defence which offers a balanced drill for the body's muscles and joints through the execution of complex manoeuvres in a slow and relaxed manner. On the otherhand, you may want something with a bit more of a kick. Kick Boxing is an increasingly popular sport that appears to be a fusion of boxing and Tae Kwon Do. This fast moving workout combines kicking, punching and boxing, using elbows, knees, feet and fists. It is great for building stamina, balance and co-ordination, and also increases self-confidence.

And when your workout is over, what better way to unwind than a sports massage - it can help to drain away fatigue, relieve swelling, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries. A real treat that is both an aid to performance and a reward!




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