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Exercise & fitness tools

Using our range of exercise and fitness tools and our exercise articles and fitness tips can help your workouts - help your overall fitness. New exercise and fitness training options emerge everyday, so trust us to bring it all together.

From abs to chest or arms, the exercise & fitness tools we've provided can help you to tone, build strength and get a real workout in the gym.

See how to perform and read why they are good for your core strength with our new pages.
Check our exercises to strengthen your back and core muscles - often forgotten in workouts.
Vary some of your usual arm exercises to see big differences in results.
Try some of our simple quiz links below to supplement your fitness tests :

INcrease your heart rate and get a real workout with some great tips and advice.

Exercising tips :

Do you play a sport that works one set of muscles more than the other - tennis, baseball or squash? If you do your arm and chest muscles may become unbalanced.Use an exercise like dumbbell presses (on both sides) to isolate individual muscles and workout equally.

Fitness equipment

Carry out exercise tests at home with some basic fitness equipment available to buy online.

» Dumbbell sets
» Fitness accessories
» Exercise bikes
» Medicine ball
» Multigyms
» Treadmills
» Powerplates

Read a brief explanantion and then check out our charts to see how you fare.

Workout whether you overweight or not - based on scientific ratio of hip to waist.
That's right - read how to get yourself a trim tummy with a little work.

Get some help on key areas of a fitness regime with the online pt.
Get some help on key areas of a fitness regime with the online pt.
Exercise video library

Short videos of a number of key exercises to show you how exactly how they're done so you get your form correct!
Ab exercise
Arm exercises
Abdominal exercises
Chest workouts
Leg exercises
Shoulder exercises
Reverse crunch
Bench press
Dumbbell kickback
Standing leg curl
Step ups
Concentration curls
Cable side raises
Press ups
French press
Dumbbell press
Weight loss workouts
Muscle fitness




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» Calorie burning
» High protein diets
» Daily calories

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