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If you're looking for perfect body care advice and tips, and if that includes exercise and looking after health generally, then you might want to also know how to get the best out of your workouts? The more you know about body care, the more you'll understand about the benefits of exercise and keeping healthy - and what better motivator is there than knowing how much good your hard work is doing you!

When thinking about body care, it is important to understand how the components work. You are made up of two basic types of muscle - slow-twitch and fast-twitch. Slow-twitch are endurance muscles, good for steady work - the muscles of your low back are mostly slow-twitch. Fast-twitch muscles are used for sudden movements, but will burn out fast - they are found in a much higher proportion in your arms, for example.

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In order to exercise everything, you have to do exercises for both - endurance exercises such as running or swimming are good for building the slow-twitch muscles, while weight lifting produces an increase in the size and strength of the fast-twitch. Most exercise works to improve the cardio-vascular system - the big name for the circulatory system which moves blood from the heart and lungs, and delivers oxygen and nutrients wherever they're needed. This is the type of training people typically refer to as Aerobic, or CV training. CV workouts improve the functioning of the heart, reducing the risks of heart disease and lowering blood pressure.

According to some researchers, your overall shape is determined on the day you are born. They describe three basic shapes: the ectomorph, the endomorph and the mesomorph. Ectomorphs are long, wiry and narrow, with delicate bone structures and shoulders and hips that are approximately the same width. Endomorphs are soft, curvy and often 'pear-shaped', with hips that are wider than their shoulders. Mesomorphs have bigger bones and tend to develop muscle easily. With wide shoulders, they are often described as having 'medium' builds. Although with exercise and diet you can change your composition (the ratio of fat to muscle), your basic structure will always remain the same.

Exercise can also be important at certain times in your life - for example during pregnancy. Exercise promotes muscle tone, strength, and endurance ? three qualities that can help you during pregnancy. The best forms of exercise for pregnant women include walking or swimming - activities which work the major muscle groups, strengthen the heart, and pose little risk of injury.




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