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For real fitness and exercise advice, from weight training and bodybuilding advice through to keeping fit with studio classes, check our dedicated channels. Over 1000 pages of exercise & fitness content to help you.

From simple exercise tips, through to videos for popular exercises, exercise products or a personal trainer, our fitness exercise section starts right here.

Advice on different ways to get a full body workout with Yoga, training, Pilates and of course exercises including classes.

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160+ value for money health clubs and gyms based right across the UK.
Popular types of exercises
Whatever your needs for a gym, read our sound advice to save time and money whether it's a gym, leisure centre or health club :

Make sure you get a good workout by reading our articles that should help you to train the right way whatever your actual exercise plan!

With 70 clubs across the UK and clubs that offer month by month membership - read our review.
Top tips :

Did you know women generally want a cross trainer or power plate, guys prefer rowing machines and dumbells but outright fave is treadmills and/or bikes.

For ideas on women-specific workout programs you can target toning and aerobic fitness rather then muscle building!

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A great way to benchmark your fitness before you start a new plan - the lower the better! Read our simple guide to this important reading.

Want to know how to build endurance and increase your aerobic stamina - then circuits may be the answer - gym routines explained
Supplements & Nutrition

Alongside training, supplement your body with key proteins, amino acids and minerals - read some of our articles for advice & tips.

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Maximum fitness!

There's a myriad of fitness and exercise options - from free weights to pilates classes or bodybuilding. With our content and articles we offer you advice and tips to get started :
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Whether you need more energy or to lose weight, let our fitness channel inspire you.

From exercise videos to fitness plans, our professional advice can point you in the right direction.
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