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Fitness tips

There are various fitness tips that can help you to get the most from your workouts. By taking advantage of the knowledge of others, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

Ironically, many fitness tips are actually common sense, but it's one of the sad facts of exercise field that many people work out in ignorance, following advice that is either outdated or simply wrong.

A classic example of that is hydration - for many years athletes worked out in hot weather without drinking water, in the mistaken belief that this would make them together - as a result many athletes died from heat stroke.

Here are some top fitness tips that can help you get more from your workouts:

  • Work your core muscles first: Many people ignore their core muscles, maybe doing a few sit-ups at the end of their workout, but these muscles are crucial - make sure to work them regularly.

  • Use a Swiss ball or gym ball for your core exercises: Research shows that doing an exercise such as crunches on a ball is up to 60% more effective than doing the same exercise on the floor.

  • Drink water: We all know need we need to drink when working out, but many people now use sports drinks instead of water. However, unless your workouts last more than an hour, stick to water - sports drinks are just extra calories.

  • Intervals are the quickest way to improve your fitness: Interval sessions are more effective than steady paced cardio sessions for burning calories, increasing your metabolism, and burning fat.



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