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To help you understand yourself, our calorie calculators, body and fitness tools are a great way of you finding out more about your body, your health and your fitness in one easy place.

From working out your Body Mass Index, to your Calorie Intake or even your Body Shape, we've got it covered. Simple fitness calculators and tools shoudl not be used to replace medical advice, but they can be good indicators of whether you are overweight or whether you are eating too many calories per day based on recommeded amounts.

Workout how many calories you use each day based on your weight and activity. Enables you to workout food calories for a day

Whether you want online food diaries or weight loss patches and pills, check our dedicated products section for more.

Counting calories & weight
If you want to manage your weight, learn about calories, healthy eating and how it makes a big difference to losing or gaining weight :

Top tips :

To burn off that Starbucks Blueberry muffin (not skinny one) it takes roughly :

An hour of golf; or 40 mins of walking fast; or 30 mins Aerobics. Time to go skinny then!

From conception to due date and specific milestones throughout the 9 months of your pregnancy - all on one simple form

If you're looking for a flat tummy - then as well as exercises, you need to look at training techniques like cardio and interval training.

Want to know what you can burn each day? Count based on your activity and intensity - then apply to your targets each day

Do you know your body shape? Use our tool to workout your waist to hip ratio - are you a pear shape or an apple?
Weight loss articles

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