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Exercise bike review

Whatever your fitness level, look to an exercise bike review for more on this excellent choice of fitness equipment, suitable for everyone from absolute beginners through to highly trained athletes. They are easy to use, providing a great cardiovascular workout and toning your leg and glute muscles without putting strain your back and joints.


There are two main types on the market: to look at in your exercise bike review:

  • Upright: Similar to outdoor models, you sit upright whilst pedalling. Most budget models are uprights.
  • Recumbent: Recumbents have a seat which is parallel to the ground, with the pedals in front of you. This offers good back support and is thus ideal for overweight people or those with back or knee problems.

All models should have seats and cushioned seat pads to allow people of all sizes to use them comfortably. Options to look for when conduction your exercise bike review include :

  • Consoles: On an entry level model you will have a simple speedo that shows current speed and distance covered. More expensive models will include heart rate monitors, calorie expenditure, and programmes such as hill and flat workouts.
  • Resistance: There are various ways of creating resistance on a stationary bike:
  • Magnetic: Operates quietly and without friction. You can change the resistance easily.
  • Air: A fan built into the wheel builds up air flow as you pedal. The harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. The air from the fan can be directed to help you keep cool.
  • Direct Tension: Resistance is manually adjusted using dials.
  • Flywheel: Resistance comes from a heavy wheel and is maintained by your pedalling.

Whichever model you choose, it is essential to test it thoroughly. Check to following:

  • Can you find a comfortable position on this model?
  • Are the controls easy to understand and use?
  • Will this model fit in your home?
  • Noise - especially important if you live somewhere that your noise might disturb others.




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