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Weight loss & dieting

It's one of online's big search topics. Weight loss and dieting is all about balancing. Balancing what you eat, how much exercise you do and making sure you're eating the right types of foods. In esssence you can simplify weight loss & dieting in most cases to ensuring your burn more calories per day than you take in.

With dieting reviews, advice tips on how to lose weight and links to key exercises and fitness, you really can start your weight loss and weight management plan now.

Learn more about calorie intake in relation to your weight. Simple tips and guidance for weight management and dieting.

Check out what type of body shape you have and gain real confidence and self esteem to carry you forward when slimming.

Ways you can lose weight
If you're looking to lose a few pounds, have you considered all the different ways that you can achieve this? Check some alternatives below :

Top dieting tips :

The term "Overweight" refers to an excess of body weight - not necessarily body fat. This is a term that people consistently confuse and misquote! Obesity refers to an excessively high proportion of body fat - this is what the Weatern world is now trying to battle!

Read about the latest fad diets and what they actually mean. From South Beach to Chocolate diets - we list the latest.

Take our simple quiz to find out whether you really are eating as healthily as you think. It's 10 questions that may make you think!

One of the best ways to lose weight - increase your exercise and you will shift those pounds. Check our dedicated channel.

A more drastic way to reduce your weight, why not read about the options open to you from Gastric to Tummy tuck.
How nutrition can help

Understanding more about food, calories and eating habits can help you lose weight :

» Complex carbohydrates
» What is calorie intake
» Calories in food
» Healthy eating
» Food diary
» Carbohydrates
» Workouts to lose weight
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» Ab crunches
» Abs exercises
» Back exercises
» Chest exercise
» Flat stomach exercises
» Press ups

Search now for sports brands »»»

types of diet

» Calorie diet
» Low fat diet
» Low carb diet
» High fibre diet
» High protein diet

Product showcases »

slimming pills

» Diet pills
» Prescription diet pills
» Reductil
» Xenical

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Specific diet plans

Some of the most popular diets could be right for you. Why not read our reviews to see for yourself just what each of the top diet plans we feature are actually about :
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