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Gym routine

What does your gym routine look like? Getting it right when you train takes a bit of planning, but the difference between simply pitching up and doing what takes your fancy, and having a planned gym routine will make a huge difference to what you achieve, and the ability to reach your goals.

When working out a gym routine, you first have to be clear what your goals are. Goals are essential, allowing you to be clear what it is you want to achieve, and providing the motivation you need to train regularly.

Putting together a program requires a balance between strength (resistance) training, and endurance (cardio) work. The balance will depend greatly upon your goals, and where in your training cycle you are.

Another important factor is your consistency - having a plan of what you will do and when increases the chance of you regularly performing your workouts, and as research has demonstrated, consistency is one of the key factors in reaching your goals.

For most people, a typical week might include two or three strength sessions per week, and two or three cardio sessions per week - a combination of three to five workouts per week is sufficient for most people to stay in good health and even make progress with their fitness.

Finally, it's worth remembering the importance of including some flexibility work - stretching out at the end of a workout will speed your recovery, improve your performance, and reduce the risk of injury.



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