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Top 10 chest exercises

Do you know the top 10 chest exercises? Any ideas at all? Well we thought that our guides and exercise articles section shoudl feature it just in case. If you have any interest in developing your chest muscles, then knowing a variety of ways of doing it will help. Why? Because your muscles respond best when your workouts are varied.

So our top 10 chest exercises aims to show you some ways of working the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. These muscles are responsible for moving your upper arms towards and across the chest. With just two muscles in the area, you need variety in your workouts to really build them up.

Our top ten chest exercises will help you because they use one of the principle rules of weight training - that growth and development of muscles works on the principle of adaptation and change. That means that if you challenge a muscle, make it work hard, growth will occur.

If, however, you keep doing the same thing, the muscle learns what is happening and adapts - it figures out the most efficient way to meet the challenge. If you always do the same workout, your body becomes so efficient at dealing with the work that it is no longer a challenge - growth will slow, and ultimately stop.

So how do you stop that from happening? By regularly changing your workouts. That way your body never knows what to expect from one workout to the next, so it will always has to work to meet the challenge. The result? More interesting workouts and better results.

There are lots of ways of introducing change into your workouts. These include changes to:

  • The order of your workout (which exercises you do first, second, etc.)
  • Rest intervals
  • Number of reps and sets
  • The exercises you use for each body part

One of the problems many people have is that they do the same one of two exercises for each body part, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Check out pages 2 and 3 for our Top Ten chest exercises...

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