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10 tips for Buying a Treadmill

Thinking of buying a treadmill, but want to make sure you're getting the best value for your money?

A treadmill is a large, expensive piece of fitness equipment, so if you're going to take the plunge and invest in one, you want to be confident that you're getting the best possible deal for your money.

When buying a treadmill there are 10 key tips that the savvy buyer keeps in mind - read on to find out what they are!

  1. A Treadmill is often made specifically work up to a specific weight level, and on many brands, this weight limit is 300 pounds. Before you spend the money on one, make sure that it has the appropriate weight limit for you and any other users.
  2. Different brands tend to have different maximum speeds, and the faster a treadmill is, the more expensive it tends to be, so know how fast you need your machine to go.
  3. Look for one with an incline - this lets you increase the intensity of your workouts.
  4. It can be hard to run in a straight line if you are going fast and working hard, so it's a good idea to buy one with a wide belt.
  5. Be sure of the safety features - be sure yours has a magnetic key that disengages from the console and stops the machine if you happen to fall off.
  6. Pay close attention to warranties - some come with warranties of only 90 days - avoid this at all costs.
  7. Make sure the deck gives you enough room to exercise and that the belt runs smoothly and doesn't slip.
  8. If you don't have much room at home, be sure to invest in the kind of machine that can be folded up and stored in a closet for convenience.
  9. If you are a serious athlete, you might want to consider a machine which comes with a heart rate monitor so you can track your heart rate throughout your workout.
  10. Lastly - remember that these machines are an expensive investment, so be sure you're committed to making good use of it before you buy!



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