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Circuit training

After many years in the doldrums, circuit training has finally re-emerged as a useful part of anyone's workout program.

For a long time it was confined to football teams and school gyms, but recent research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of mixed workouts and intervals have made people start looking more closely at circuit training. What they have found is something that ticks all the boxes.

Let's look at what circuit training has to offer:

  • It builds endurance
  • It is a high tempo fat-burning workout
  • It can raise your metabolism
  • It uses both upper and lower body muscles
  • It is fun and competitive
  • It offers endless variety

As anyone who has ever tried it will testify, this is an intense workout that will have you breathing hard - but you'll likely do it with a smile on your face.

You will also find that wherever you do it will be a little bit different - there are so many exercises you can include, using free weights, body weight, and simple gym equipment, that you can change the routine endlessly to keep people on their toes, and stop them getting bored.

You can even devise your own workout, combining short sprints with bodyweight exercises - indeed, in many countries, you will find courses set up in parks, with a number of different stations offering a variety of exercises.



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