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Complementary therapies

Did you know that Complementary Therapies are now widely sought as an alternative to traditional medicine for millions of UK people - yes really! Complementary therapy / complementary medicine is gaining popularity for a range of ailments and conditions.

Developed out of both western and non-western practises, our complementary therapy treatments channel will help guide you.

Find out more about how to stop smoking with the help of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy really can work, so read more with our guide.

Do you know what Chiropractors can help you with - ailment-wise? Read our quick guides to see if it can help you.

Complementary treatments
Whatever the complementary therapy you've chosen, we've looked at some key questions that we constantly get asked :

Top complementary tips :

Reiki : A hands on healing art originating from the 1900's that provides enlightenment

Magnetic therapy : Use of magnets (North & South Pole) to direct Qi energy Often used to help relieve muscular aches, muscular pains and headaches.

Find out all the physiotherapy courses that are on offer. From degrees to two year 'cadet' schemes.

Find out about healing that uses small needles to target pressure points across your body.

Have you thought about Yoga? A guide to the types available to you regardless of you level of ability.

Find out more about this complementary therapy that's trusted by thousands. Quick guide and access to course info.
Massage & Sports Massage

Articles to help you see the benefits of massage and massage therapy for your body.

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» Massage therapy courses
» Learn about massage 
» Thai massage
» Massage therapist jobs
» Massage therapy 
» Foot massage

» Back exercises
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courses and training

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From rehab to prevention, check out simple exercises and information covering all aspects of physiotherapy to help you research or just check out what you can do :
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Remedial massage
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