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Training programs

Why are training programs important? Quite simply, training programs dramatically increase the fitness and health benefits of your workouts by ensuring that you have a progressive plan, rather than simply doing whatever comes to mind.

The increased efficiency of training programs comes about for a number of reasons:

  • Design: If you have a training program designed by a professional coach or trainer, it will be sure to include all the key elements needed to help you reach your goals.

  • Progress: When you work to a plan it is much easier to monitor your progress and see that you are actually getting somewhere - in other words, that your hard work is being rewarded.

  • Motivation: Humans tend to perform best when we have clear and understandable goals to work towards. Good training programs are designed to work towards specific targets that are achievable, measurable, and attainable. Seeing your progress is the very best motivator there is.

What puts many people off is the fear that this is a difficult or expensive process. The reality is very different. The cost of personal trainers has come down dramatically in the past few years, so getting a proper plan designed for you is not the expense it once was.

In addition, this process is not just for elite athletes. It is for anyone who wants their workouts to be more effective, wants to get better at a particular sport, wants to lose weight, or simply wants to get fitter.




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