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Fitness clubs

How do you find fitness clubs in London, Birmingham or in fact anywhere in the UK? Do know where your nearest fitness club is in relation to your house/work?

If you live in or around a big town or city, chances are that there are lots of fitness clubs to choose from. However, it depends what you are looking for from a fitness club - swimming pools, latest cardio equipment, health suites, fitness studios or even martial arts or a boxing ring!

Regardless, most fitness clubs should offer lots of benefits over and above working out alone, including; a great range of cariod and weight equipment; a range of fitness classes; a sociable and fun atmosphere; and some qualified trainers to help you workout in the knowledge you are maximising your time and effort.

So how do you find the right gym? There are a number of factors to consider to ensure you are not wasting money or needlessly tied into a contract that you don't want / don't use. Some of the most important things to condier are :

  • Location

    how close is it to your home of work? More than 20 minutes and people can be reluctant to go when they are not really in the mood.

  • Price

    check both the joining fee and the monthly payment, and also what is included in the price. It may be cheap because you have to pay extra for things like classes.

  • Atmosphere

    this can vary widely. Do you prefer lively or quiet, crowded or empty, co-ed or women only?

  • Facilities

    make sure that they have what you really want (e.g. good classes, free weights, a swimming pool, créche, etc.)

The best way to make a decision is to visit several, with a clear idea in your mind what you are looking for - a checklist will help you to compare after you've visited several.

High pressure selling is not uncommon in this business, so you have to ignore the 'special offers' that sales people will dangle under your nose when you visit, only making your decision when you have weighed up all the factors.

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