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Health & fitness quizzes

We've now developed a complete range of health and fitness quizzes to help you learn more about a complete range of topics that thefitmap.co.uk covers. A health and fitness quiz should be seen as a fun way to learn, so why not get started now.

Whether you are looking for generic health quizzes or more detailed nutrition quizzes, we may have something that will interest you. So choose your category below and have fun :

Think you're pregnant? Want to know the signs and how much you know about having a baby. Then try our simple quiz for starters.

Whether you think burgers are full of good fats or want to check on what constitutes a balanced diet, try this quiz to learn some tips.

Lifestyle quizzes
From how much you drink, whether you smoke or what you can do to combat stress, choose a lifestyle quiz for some interesting facts :

Top tips :

From aerobics to yoga classes or circuits, did you know that personal trainer sessions can make a massive difference to your state of mind - and therefore your fitness levels.

Are you thinking about a change of career? Think Leisure could be the thing for you? Take our quick quiz to find out if you're ready.

Know how to lower your blood pressure effectively and easily? Find out some simple tips with our simple quiz.

As a woman do you know what your body image is? Do you suffer from no confidence or low self esteem - try our simple quiz.

A simple quiz that looks at stress, how to cope with it and how you can look at different ways to relax to managing stress better.
Dieting & weight loss

Quick quizzes on slimming and weight loss topics to give you some tips and ideas on diets

» Low carb diets
» Eating disorders
» Weight loss programs
» Watching your weight?
» Fast food nutrition
» Can diet pills work?
beauty skin care

» Beauty tips
» Beauty & skincare
» Health spa breaks
» Hair care advice
» Top make-up tips

Product showcases »


» Simple nutrition guide
» Using calorie counters
» Good cholesterol foods
» Sports nutrition

Search now for sports brands »»»


» Health & fitness tips
» Stop lower back pain
» Get muscle fitness back
» Knee pain tips

Quizzes on...

Food nutrition
General fitness
General health
Healthy eating
Jobs & Money
Men's health
Skin care
Special diets
Sports nutrition
Women's health

Exercise & training quizzes

We can't make your workout more fun, neither can we offer any suggestions on short cuts for you to get some exercise, but we can give you a more interest way to find out more :
Chest workouts
Abdominal exercises
Arthritis workouts
Increase your muscle fitness
Know your muscles?
Training for fitness?
Are you flexible?
Physio exercises
Treadmills for exercise
Prevent back pain
Osteoporisis exercise
Elliptical trainers
Build shoulder strength
Fitness equipment
Getting fit
Abdominal exercises
Workout your arms
Hire a personal trainer

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