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Types of Sports Drinks

Considering the various types of sports drinks out there is a great way to help make sure you are meeting your hydration needs.

If you are involved in long endurance sessions, you'll likely be looking for one of the high energy types of sports drinks that are currently out on the market. Look for a isotonic form to use while training and then a hypertonic form to use after while you are recovering.

If you are looking for a lower calorie version of the types of sports drinks, then consider using a hypotonic form since this will have a lower carbohydrate count.


A hypertonic sports beverage is most suited to those who are looking for a post-workout replacement product aimed at achieving maximal muscle glycogen recovery since it has the highest quantity of carbohydrates.

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A hypotonic energy drink is going to be best for those who are performing moderate to lower intensity exercise since it will contain fewer carbohydrates and thus less calories, helping you to maintain your body weight.

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An isotonic sports drink will be the best choice for those to drink while engaging in higher intensity exercise. It has slightly more carbohydrates than a hypotonic beverage, without interfering with the absorption of fluid in the body.

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Since there are a wide variety of sports beverage products out on the market, it's a good idea to take a close look at what your training needs are so you can find the one that will suit you the best.

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