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Fitness training

There are numerous fitness training exercise tips online, free programs on how and what to do and loads and loads of technical articles!!

They all have one thing in common however, the goal of fitness training is to improve your physical conditioning. Whether your aim is to win a race, perform better at a sport, or simply get through the day with less effort, fitness training exercise programs can help you go the extra mile.

Without making this article too technical or lengthy, different workouts apply to diferent goals - from being able to simply walk up a hill through to running a marathon in 3 hours.

Regardless of the fitness training workout you are working to, you have to work at your fitness through exercise and balance your eating and calorie intake.

At everyday levels, there are three key elements to fitness training, these are dealt with in other areas of the thefitmap.co.uk so search for related pages :

  • Cardiovascular
  • Strength
  • Flexibility

Any good workout program should combine all three elements in order to maximise the progress you will make. Let's look at each in turn.

For many people, fitness training means cardiovascular, or aerobic workouts. The most basic form of fitness training is as simple as stepping out your door for a walk or a run. All you need is a good pair of shoes and some comfortable clothes and you can make dramatic improvements in your fitness levels.

Of course, there are numerous other types of cardiovascular workouts, including swimming, biking, skipping, exercise classes, and all the various pieces of cardio equipment you find in a typical gym or health club.

Strength workouts can be as intense as a bodybuilder's marathon sessions, or more low key, such as yoga or Pilates. But if they strengthen your muscles, they are doing their job (see our strength training section).

Whether you use free weights, machines, exercise bands, or some other form of strength training, these workouts will make an important contribution to your overall progress.

Finally there is flexibility work - whether this is regular stretching at the end of your workouts, or something such as yoga, increased flexibility has many benefits.




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