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Gym membership

So you've decided gym membership is a great idea! Obviously you really want to find cheap gym memberships, but those from leading clubs or local venues. Do you always read the small print

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If you are really wanting to find out about a gym membership and what it actual entails and what you are liable for financially, then you need to remember to ask a number of key questions before you sign on the dotted line.

As well as lots of smaller questions (which we've listed below, we think there's two main questions that you need to sort out before you go any further

Point One

Most gym membership deals (even cheap gym memberships) for any of the big chains or even smaller independent gyms, are for a minimum of ONE YEAR. This is a legal contract and therefore you will owe them money - and they are not averse to taking it by whichever route! The most well known exception is Virgin Active who charge by the month. So once you've signed you have to make the payments for at least a year regardless of whether you go to the gym once or a thousand times.

Point Two

Most gyms also ask for a joining fee! A cheap gym memberhip is no longer looking cheap you think?! Well this one is far simpler to get out of - do the tour, turn up and ask questions and then say the nearest gym down the road is willing to waive their joining fee if you sign up today! It usually works - trust us! They need your business - especially in the current market.

Now you know the two key gym membership pitfalls, take a quick look at our checklist below to make sure you know some of the others :

  • What is the minimum contract period for the gym?

  • Is there a reduction in price if you pay yearly?

  • Is the club a member of the FIA (Fitness Industry Association)

  • Are all gym instructors and personal trainers fully qualified and registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals or National Register of Personal Trainers.

  • What's the busiest time for members (usually Monday evenings and lunchtimes if near businesses)

  • Ask to see the gym's insurance status if you plan to do any classes. Most importantly do they cover the instructor for accidents?

That is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it does highlight key questions that most people do not think to ask, but are vitally important if you wish to be assured you are safe in their hands. Remember they are a business, and so have to justify to you why you are paying them for the service.




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