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Body & bodybuilding workouts

For all around fitness, a body workout should be one of those. There are various ways of getting a full body workout that works on all-around fitness, including :

  • Yoga

    There are various types of yoga, with different intensities, but whichever you choose, yoga will work your muscles from head to toe. It does little for your cardio conditioning, however.

  • Pilates

    Like yoga, a great way to get a complete body workout. Particularly good for core muscles and improving posture.

  • Fitness classes

    These days, exercise classes are much better designed, combining resistance work and cardio work into an all round package that will offer total conditioning.

  • Weight training

    Long under-rated, weight training works as many or as few muscles as you choose to work. Most people either work a combination of muscles in separate splits once or twice a week, or else works everything two to three times per week. Depending on how you work, you can make these workouts intense cardio workouts, or good interval workouts, although many people do them in a much more low key way.

  • Cardio training

    Cardio training has traditionally tended to work leg muscles more than anything else - for example running and biking - but there are more and more options available that will work everything. These include swimming, and machines such as rowing ergometers and cross trainers.

So in summary, a proper exercise and training program needs to sought if you want to make big gains in your overall fitness levels - somethgin we can help you with.




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