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Wii Fit

When you first use the Wii Fit you create a character that represents you on the screen (called a Mii). Wii Fitness relies on the Wii balance board and that weighs you, calculates your BMI, and also has you perform a series of balance tests at the outset! So read our Wiif fitness review to see what it actually does!

Based on these results, you are assigned a Wii Fit 'age' - if it's considerably different from your chronological age, it offers advice on what you need to do to get in better shape.

Each time you then use the Wii Fit game, it re-checks your weight and offers you the chance to re-take the balance tests.

Once you have competes the initial assessment you will find four different categories of exercises:

» Yoga
» Muscle
» Aerobic
» Balance

These reflect the key components of a good all around exercise program, and if you do some exercises from each section you will work on a variety of muscles and at different intensities.

So is it actually any good?

Most importantly, can you actually get fit using the Wii Fit?


  • There's a good variety of exercises: With four different categories of exercises, there are plenty of options to choose from. And as you workout out more, you can unlock more exercises
  • It keeps track of what you do: Your weight and workouts are recorded each time you use it, so it's a good way to keep track of your progress
  • It's motivating: Because you can track your performance, there's an incentive to try and beat your previous best at the various activities
  • It's excellent for certain groups: The Wii Fit is already being used in rehab, and with sedentary elderly people, and is very effective in getting them moving again. It's also good for anyone who is out of shape
  • It's fun! Many people who don't exercise regularly, complain that exercise just isn't any fun. The Wii Fit is fun to do


  • It's lacking in information: While it provides a BMI and fitness age for each user, it doesn't explain these well
  • It's not a real weight loss tool: Many people equate fitness with weight loss, but the Wii Fit will struggle to provide the intensity of exercise that people need to lose weight
  • Some areas are better than others: Although everyone will have their personal favourites, it's fair to say that the balance exercises are probably the best (most fun, and work on an area in which most people are lacking), while the cardio is least effective


What you think of the Wii Fit ultimately depends on how you view it. If you think it is going to meet all your fitness needs and get you in great shape, then you might be disappointed.

If however, you see it as a fun way to be more active, a more vigorous alternative to simply watching TV of playing a video game, then it's great.

Regularly performing the exercises will improve different aspects of your fitness, particularly if you are not in great shape to start with, but it works best if added to an existing workout program.




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