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Women's fitness workouts

Is there such a thing as women's fitness workouts? What workout programs are designed to cater for ladies and women specifically?

There are different answers to the women's fitness workouts ideal, depending on who you talk to. But common sense says that there has to be a difference as women want different workout programs to many men - less muscle build and power, more toning and aerobic fitness.

There is certainly a fashion right now for ladies only gyms including Curves, Energie and Fitness First for Women (click here for ladies gyms), which specialise in designing women's workout programs.

However, a closer look at some reveal that these programs can be more about convenience and allowing ladies to exercise away from men's prying eyes than anything to do with different physiological needs.

The truth is that currently womens fitness workouts are much more to do with what people think ladies want from their exercise programs than any difference in how the genders are affected by training programs.

Thus it comes down to a matter of choice - if you prefer to exercise in a single gender environment because you feel more comfortable, then do so with the understanding that there is nothing inherently more beneficial in these programs.

Wherever you choose to exercise, you need a program that combines:

  • Cardio: From walking to swimming, biking to step, regular cardio exercise is an essential part of any program. Look for two to three cardio sessions per week.

  • Strength: Resistance training, whether using classes, free weights, machines or bands, should be a part of any exercise program.

  • Flexibility: This can be from stretching, or as part of a system such as yoga or Pilates, and should be performed regularly.

In the next few months, we intend to extend this area with real workouts for women that want to find something for the gym that helps them to achieve realistic goals - specifically women-based workouts. So please bookmark and come back again soon.




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