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Fitness clothing

Combining form and function, fitness clothing can make your workouts more comfortable while helping you look great! With the huge range on the market there's no excuse for working out in a baggy pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt full of holes!

For it to be effective, fitness clothing must use appropriate materials and the right type of fit for the particular sport of workout you are doing. The best fitness clothing is something that you completely forget about when you are training or competing hard.

A good example of fitness clothing that does exactly that would be bike shorts. If you have ever ridden in, for example, a pair of jeans, you will know how uncomfortable the wrong clothes can be when you're on a bike.

In contrast, bike shorts are so comfortable that you forget about them when you're on the bike. This is because the design and the materials are carefully chosen for the activity - the design is tight fitting, nothing to flap about and get in the way, no seams to chafe if you spend hours in the saddle.

The materials are carefully chosen, tight lycra for a good fit, with soft, absorbent materials to give a comfortable pad to sit on.

These are the sorts of things you should look for when choosing your workout gear - is this a material that will wick sweat away from my body, and is the fit (tight, loose, or somewhere in between) appropriate for what I'll be doing? Get it right and you can relax and focus on your workout.




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