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Tricep workouts

If one of your main goals is to develop tricep workouts for strong arms then performing tricep exercises on a regular basis should definitely be part of your plan.

To create effective tricep workouts you need to understand that the tricep muscle is located on the back upper portion of your arm and runs from your elbow up to the shoulder joint.

There are principally 3 main sections to target your tricep workouts at - the long head, the lateral head and the medial head. The lateral head is located closest to the outer portion of the arm, the medial closest to the inside as the name suggests and then the long head is the one that is most often seen on the majority of individuals and is located right in the centre. When the lateral head is very developed you will also likely see this one 'sticking out' as it is quite a fleshy muscle.

The interesting thing to note here is that the tricep muscle actually makes up most of the upper arm mass so rather than performing bicep curl after bicep curl, if size & strong arms is your goal, this is the muscle to focus on.

By taking steps to reduce your body fat along with improving the muscular definition, you can help to eliminate that under arm jiggle that is common with many people, particularly females as they have a tendency to store fat here.

The main movement that this muscle is responsible for is forearm extension. It works antagonistically with the biceps for forearm flexion so while you are flexing the forearm, the back arm muscle is resting and while you are extending the forearm the front arm muscle is resting.

For this reason, these two muscle groups are often supersetted together in a training program (done right after each other, alternating sets).

This muscle is also quite likely to become sore easily so it is worthwhile for you to perform some tricep muscle stretches after any lifting exercises that target it. To do this simply place one arm behind your head, bending at the elbow, and then gently pull downwards on the wrist with the other hand (or alternatively press the bent elbow slightly backwards). This should create a light pull feeling on the back of the arm while the muscle is lengthened.




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