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Fit Flops review

This seasons must have Fit Flops are proving to be the fitness shoes of the summer - and a great fashion accessory too! With everyone wanting to own a pair!

So what is it that is making Fit flops a must have for those trying to lose weight and tone up.
It all starts in the sole
Fit Flops have developed a unique midsole with micro-wobbleboard technology aimed at giving you great leg workouts while you walk. It creates a slight instability every time you step which challenges the muscles of the foot and leg.

Greater activaton of leg muscles

The multi-density midsole has been shown to significantly increase gluteal, hamstring, thigh and calf muscle response helping to tone and shape the legs.

Help to burn fat

Each step in a pair of Fit flops has been shown to activate the slow-twitch muscle fibres of the leg to a greater extent than normal shoes. Slow-twitch muscle fibres can convert fat into energy helping you burn off some excess calories.

Reduce stress on the joints and absorb shock

Walking in these couldn't be more comfortable. The added cushion of the sole can help reduce shock and stress on the feet, knees and back.

Those new to exercise have reported feelings of greater use of their leg muscles and keen exercisers feedback has highlighted the comfort and shock absorption benefits. What is certain is that they are an extremely comfortable, inexpensive and fashionable piece of fitness footwear, so what not try them for yourself!

Sorry, this model may be out of stock. Please check the brand homepage for similar products and models. Please click on the image above for more sizes and colours



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