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Cardio workouts

When most people think of cardio workouts at home, they only usually envisage treadmills or exercise bikes. In fact getting in shape or exercising to lose weight, cardio workouts are anything that gets your heart rate up!

The great news is that you can easily get in shape without having to go to a gym or health club as cardio workouts at home can be easy as skipping or running up and down the stairs.

Of course it can be more difficult to get in shape without a gym, but there are so many different possibilities for cardio workouts that once you start looking around you'll realize that you're actually spoiled for choice.

One key to home cardio workouts in general is to recognize that several short sessions are as effective as one long one. So rather than spending 40 minutes on the cross trainer at the gym, you could mix and match from the options below throughout the day to achieve the same effect.

Indeed, regularly changing between different forms of exercise workouts will actually have several benefits, including:

  • Better overall fitness
  • Fewer injuries
  • More interesting

So what are the options if you don't belong to a gym or health club? There's a complete range of options - but you will have to look at our other articles to discover some of the more enlightening ways to get that toned and trim body you want.

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