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Daily calorie intake

Our bodies need their daily calorie intake to maintain body weight. Do you actually know your recommended daily calories allowance? Providing all our nutritional needs, our bodies are like finely tuned machines and work on delicately balanced systems including daily calorie intake targets!

Your daily calorie intake requirem,ents change depending on your age, and if we regularly miss out on our recommended daily calories we will begin to develop health ailments which range from the physical to the mental, the most prominent one being your weight! The more we understand and know about what our body needs, the more likely we are to be able to keep an eye on our calorie inatke ensuring a healthy mind and body.

Our daily requirements can be catagorized into two basic groups. One aspect of our needs is the right amount of energy or calories, which acts as fuel for the machine.

The second, and equally important part of our normal needs is a selection of chemicals, which we call vitamins and minerals, that create the chemical reactions that make the systems run. Most of these things we need to get from outside of us, usually through what we eat. This is why nutritionists have separated out our food into catagories, or food groups.

The food in the different groups largely provide us with different things. For example, carbohydrates like bread or pasta provide us with a lot of energy. Eating these foods stokes our energy stores. On the other hand, lots of vitamins and minerals are found in certain meats, fruits and vegetables.

These vitamins and minerals become the building blocks for our body's chemical processes. By being aware of the different properties of foods, and consciously eating a range of foods across the food groups, we can be sure that our bodies are running on top form, and ward off illnesses.

Age Calories required
Boys : 1-3
Girls : 1-3
Boys : 4-6
Girls : 4-6
Boys: 7-10
Girls: 7-10yrs
Boys : 11-14
Girls : 11-14yrs
Boys : 15-18
Girls : 15-18yrs
Men : 19-50yrs
Women : 19-50
Men : 19-50yrs
Women : 19-50yrs

The table above gives you an idea of the daily requirements based on age - and remember there's at least 230 in every pint of beer or glass of wine!!!



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