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Calories in food

To have any idea of the number of calories in food - the sort you eat day in day out, you need to keep a record and use a calorie calculator that allows you to record all the different totals to create a sum total of the calories in food you eat each day.

Everything you eat has different amounts, and these will vary both by portion size, and content. The calories in food varies depending on sugars, fats, proteins or carbs present in the food - so you can't really guess!

To determine calories in food (Kcal), you will need to weigh it (or at least, refer to the package), and also understand a little about carbohydrate, protein and fat. The calories in food will change dramatically according to the make-up of these three elements - did you know, for instance, that fat has over twice the kcal per ounce of either protein or carbohydrate?

As you become more experienced at reading packages and weighing ingredients, you will become an instant expert at calculating the balance of ingredients, and then making the right choices based on your health and fitness goals, whether they be weight loss, greater endurance, or even muscle gain.

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