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Exercise quizzes

For an organised range of exercise quizzes designed to be testing on your general knowledge, start here! From specific exercise quiz areas like how to train, what is aerobic and anaerobic or what target heart rate your're looking for, through to more general quizzes.

Our exercise quizzes are designed to be fun and a lighter way to take on basic information that can help with your own workouts.

Advanced quizzes

Offers insight into more advanced exercise plans and routines. Provides some great advice and tips!

» Know the best abdominal exercises?
» Exercise with osteoporosis
» Exercising with asthma
» Reduce your Blood pressure

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Conditioning quizzes

Find out more about conditioning your body through the right exercise. Simple quizzes to make you think!

» Time for a real chest workout?
» Develop those arms
» Improving your strength

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General exercise quizzes

From how to build stamina through to cardio workouts and aerobic exercises.

» Exercise & fitness fun
» Hiring a personal trainer
» Know your exercises
» The basics for getting fit

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Stretching quizzes

Warming up, warming down, making sure you don't pull a hamstring. Quizzes that can prevent injury!

» Are you flexible enough?
» Are you into stretching - why not?

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If you found these exercise quizzes useful or think they add a bit more fun into the learningh process - then why not recommend to your friends using the link below. Be sure to bookmark us and check back for updates to quizzes that we will add shortly.



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