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Prescription diet pills

Now available through your doctor prescription diet pills can help those looking to lose weight that need a little help. For people suffering from extreme obesity, or dangerous weight-related health problems, prescription diet pills can alleviate the fears of getting started on a regular diet and exercise programme. Prescription diet pills have been properly tested in clinics and include the brands Reductil and Xenical. Very positive results have been found in many patients.

So how do you know if you could be a candidate for Reductil or Xenical? What kind of results can you expect?.Doctors generally only prescribe prescription drugs if your weight is such a problem that it makes a regular diet and excercise programme difficult to undertake. Some people find their size gets in the way of their ability to exercise properly, and drugs can speed up the early stages of weight loss, allowing them to get to a stage where they are better able to manage it themselves.

These drugs are also very useful for those who are in urgent need of losing weight for health related reasons. For people who suffer from Heart Disease or Diabetes, or are at risk of Stroke, being over weight can present an immediate threat to there lives. Drugs in these cases can serve to jump-start the weight loss process, immediately lowering their risk to related health problems.

There are two main kinds of doctor approved weight loss drugs available in the UK. These are Reductil and Xenical. Both have been subject to clinical trials, and have been proven to accelerate the rate of weight loss for subject who combined use of the drug with a regular diet and fitness programme. In the case of Xenical, twice as many of the people taking the drug lost 10% or more of their body weight, as compared with those who didn't take the drug. Studies on Reductil found that 77% of participants taking the drug achieved weight loss that benefitted their health.




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