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Scarsdale Diet plan review

In some ways the Scarsdale diet plan can be thought of as the Daddy of all quick-fix weight loss schemes as it was the first low carbohydrate eating plan to gain worldwide popularity. Read our simple review below.

Devised by Dr Herman Tarnower in the 1970s (who was later killed by his former lover, the headmistress of a prestigious American girls' school) it is strict and very short term.

The Scarsdale Diet is essentially low carb and very low calorie (about 1000 calories, although some versions advocate as low as 700). Designed to be followed for a maximum of two weeks, the Scarsdale Diet claims a weight loss of one pound per day. This seems impressive, however, we now know that the weight loss can be mainly attributed to water loss rather than fat. This means it is quickly regained as soon as a slimmer reverts to anything like normal eating.

The strict program appeals to many who prefer not to have a wide choice of food available to them when focused on slimming. Alcohol, butter and oil are totally prohibited and snacking of any kind is out of the question ulness it consists of nibbling raw carrots and celery. Unsuitable for vegetarians as there is an empasis on animal protein, it eliminates foods that are high in fibre and many nutrients in favour of rapid results.

Belonging very much to the era when it was first developed, it encouraged the use of appetite suppressants to boost weight loss and strenuous exercise of any kind was not recommended, presumably because it would not make good medical sense when eating so few calories. Although easy to follow because there are no worries about portion control or calorie counting, it is now seen as an unhealthy and ultimately unsuccessful method of slimming.




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