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GI diet

In principle, the GI Diet plan focuses on the way in which different foods affect blood sugar levels. Foods with a high glycemic index trigger a rapid rise in blood sugar levels when eaten, whereas foods with a low glycaemic index keep the body's energy levels more regulated.

Our review following focuses on the fact that as blood sugar increases, insulin levels in the body are elevated, and as a result, the body doesn't burn fat, this is what the GI diet plan attempts to minimise.

Foods with a high Glycaemic Index provide a rapid and short-lived energy burst, whereas foods with a low index offer the body a steady supply of energy, keeping hunger levels satisfied for longer and reducing the desire to snack.

On the GI Diet plan, foods are ranked on a scale of 0-100 according to the effect they have on blood sugar levels. Glucose is used as the reference point, with a value of 100. Foods are then divided into 3 categories according to whether they cause a slow, medium or rapid increase in blood sugar levels when eaten.

A food with a low GI has a classification of 55 or less, a medium GI is between 56-69, and a high GI food has a figure of 70 plus. Foods with a high GI should be avoided, and foods with a medium GI can be eaten occasionally. The best thing about the plan is that if you are hungry, you can eat as much low GI food as you want.

This plan offers a healthy way to permanent weight loss as plenty of fruit and vegetables can be eaten, and refined and sugary carbohydrates are avoided. A weight loss of 1-2lbs each week can be expected, although more weight may be lost in the initial weeks as water will be lost as well as fat. The diet may also help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease in later life as cholesterol levels are improved.




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