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Special K diet

Is it just a gimmick? The Special K diet has garnered a lot of headlines recently, and has undoubtedly helped to sell a lot of boxes of cereal on the way.

But is the Special K diet plan actually safe and more importantly is it effective as a way of losing weight and slimming down on those pounds?

One thing is for sure - the Special K diet is one of the easiest eating programs you will ever do as the rules are so simple. Below we've provided a quick breakdown - but the premise of the whole diet is fairly straight-forward - you limit the amount of food that you eat and therefore lose weight through burning fat on everyday activities.

So read the rules below first and see whether this coudl ber an option for you - but mind the sugar - Special K is full of it :

  • Eat up to a 45g serving of any Special K cereal with 125ml semi-skimmed milk for breakfast

  • Have another bowl of cereal for lunch or dinner

  • Make sure your third meal of the day is nutritionally-balanced

  • You can snack on fruit and vegetables

Follow this plan for two weeks, and you should lose weight.

The Kellogg's website explains that you should first calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) which is a calculation related to your height and weight - follow this link to a quick and easy BMI calculator.

If your BMI is 25 or over, then the challenge is for you.

So does it work? According to the website, "scientists at a leading University" tested the challenge. They found after 2 weeks up to 75% of subjects had slimmer waists and hips. Their conclusion? The majority of this was due to fat loss.

So if you are looking for a simple way to kick-start your weight loss, this might be something worth trying.




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