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Weight loss pills

You have probably seen the choice of weight loss pills at any chemists. Promising the earth, do you know which tablets are right for you and which are just in effect a placebo?

While the availability of weight loss pills is great for some, the promises they make can be tempting so it's important to be be cautious and do your research so you have a clear idea of the product and its effects before you statr on a course.

Often, over the counter weight loss pills (which differ from prescribed tablets like Reductil or Xenical) haven't undergone the same rigorous testing that prescription tablets have. Other over the counter medications may contain potentially harmful ingredients, or encourage dependancies. With thorough research you can be sure of what to expect from these medications and decide whether they are a worthwhile investment.

Over the counter slimming medications come in two types: Weight loss pills and 'alternative products' that come in tablet form, but claim to be made of all natural ingredients.

When considering either, it's a good idea to look them up and find out whether they have been tested and whether the testing situation was unbiased. Tests conducted by the company that makes the product are often unreliable because the parties conducting the tests are not impartial. Your research should also include looking into the ingredients listed and their properties.

A lot of easily available weight loss medications contain high amounts of caffine in order to speed up the metabolism. This can be dangerous as prolonged exposure to high levels of caffine can result in dehydration and heart palpitations. For people who already suffer from heart problems, this is a major concern. Lastly, make sure you are very clear about all of the possible side-effects.

The true effects of many of these medications are hard to gauge because the tablets themselves are usually accompanied with a suggested calorie reduced diet and slimming plan, which in all likelihood is what leads to weight loss. If you are unsure or have any reservations before or after taking these medications, be sure to consult your doctor.




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