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The tablet Xenadrine is what's called an alternative slimming product. It comes in tablet form, Xenadrine differs from slimming pills because it contains herbs rather than traditional medicines. These herbs are said to stimulate weight loss.

Though the fact that Xenadrine contains herbs makes it sound like a healthier, more effective product than traditional slimming pills, in fact, Xenadrine users experience many of the same harmful side effects as those using unaccredited over-the-counter slimming pills.

The active substance in this product is a stimulant called Ephedrine. Ephedrine works like an amphetamine, and is found in the Chinese ephedra herb called ma huang. The product's manufacturers put forth that this herb extract speeds up your metabolism, causing you to burn more energy, and therefore fat. However, the stimulant Ephedrine has not been endorsed by health professionals as a diet aid, and it has reportedly dangerous side effects. People using this product have complained of dizziness, headaches, chest pains, psychosis, seizures, and strokes.

As a weight loss tool, some people have reported results, however most of these were found in conjunction with a sensible eating and exercise plan. Since proper clinical investigations have not been completed, there is no guarantee that this product will assist in weight loss. Remember that there are no quick fixes for weight loss. For lasting results you need to implement a plan that can become part of your daily lifestyle. Despite what the manufacturers of this product may claim, the potentially dangerous side effects of this product mean that prolonged usage is not recommended. Before using any product that you are unsure of, be sure to consult your doctor.




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