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Healthy eating plans

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Its easier than you think! Healthy eating plans are all about eating balanced diets that are high in nutrients, low in fat, and that contain the appropriate servings from each of the five food groups (see our basic food groups section). So healthy eating is vital for your wellbeing.

While it many seem time consuming to worry about whether you're covering all your bases nutritionally, healthy eating just requires a little creativity and forethought.

Healthy eating plans requires that you get your recommended five servings of vegetables and fruit per day. There are many ways to slip fruit and vegetables into your daily diet, which are convenient, tasty and time-effective. Vegetables can be pureed and added to pasta sauces; extra veggies can be added to frozen pizza. Choose soups with extra chunky vegetables or a vegetable base. Fruit can be added to cakes or desserts. Also, few people seem to realize that a glass of fruit or vegetable juice constitutes one serving.

When preparing meat, chose methods of cooking it that don't involve frying. Some good alternatives are grilling, baking and barbequing. To add a little zest, experiment with vegetable based sauces. Also, when properly thought out, you can make larger amounts, which can then be used the following day in sandwiches and salads for lunch.

Use oils that are high in unsaturated fats, which are good for you. Extra virgin olive oil is healthy and flavourful. Corn oil is also a good option.

Make puddings from scratch. That way you know exactly what went into them. Sometimes you can make nutritious substitutions, like sweetening with honey or fruit juice, or replacing white flour with whole wheat.

Lastly, the most important thing you can do to promote a nutritious diet is to stock the kitchen with fresh alternatives. Try to consume foods in their purest, freshest forms, and steer clear of heavily processed foods, even if they claim to be low fat. The closer the food is to its natural state, the easier it is for your body to absorb the nutrients.




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