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Hip Flexion Tests


The iliopsoas muscle can often become quite stiff, therefore performing a regular hip flexion test is a good way to determine what your current condition is like.

The test measures the degree of flexibilty in your hip sockets.

What is the point?

Because you use your iliopsoas in a variety of movements, from walking up the stairs to running on the treadmill to even getting out of your chair, it is easy for it to become overworked. Unless you are taking the time to actively strengthen it and then also stretch it out, chances are that it could be a bit of an issue for you.

This is of concern because when these muscles are tight, it can lead to lower back and hamstring problems, as they are all interrelated muscle groups. Usually you can spot a sore iliopsoas muscle and may not need to perform a hip flexion test to know that you need to work on this area of the body, but there are times when it isn't quite as obvious.

The point of the Hip Flexion test is to help learn if the hip joint is overworked, and to what degree the muscles need to be loosened.

What do you need?

  • A flat surface
  • A partner

How do you do the test?

  • To begin the hip flexion test, lie on a flat surface with your back down and legs extended fully out beneath you. Your arms can either be crossed at your chest or resting by your sides, however you need to be sure that during the assessment you are not pressing down with them onto the floor.
  • Next, have a partner press gently against one of your legs while you try and lift it off the floor.

What results you'll get :

If while doing this you experience a great amount of pain and a general sense of weakness, you are likely having some problems and need to put in some good stretching time.

Obviously if the person doing this is considerably stronger than you, you might feel weak since their strength outperforms yours, however if the iliopsoas is inflamed or tight, the weakness will be felt with even a small amount of pressure being applied.

What is being measured again?

These test measures the flexibility and strength of the iliopsoas muscle, which governs the movement in the hip joint.




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