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Beginner yoga

When getting started it essential that you find a beginners' yoga class. While there are numerous benefits attached to regular practice, it is not a case that more is better.

Starting out in a class that is above your level can be very discouraging, and increases the likelihood of injury.

Beginners' yoga classes are designed for people with little or no experience of the activity. This means that they will offer several benefits for the inexperienced:

  • Beginners' yoga classes will feature easier moves
  • More time will be spent explaining the processes and benefits
  • You will be surrounded by people of your own proficiency and experience
  • The pace will be slower
  • The instructor will take more time to check that exercises are being performed correctly
  • There will be a gradual progression to more advanced skills
This is a gentle, non-competitive activity, so starting out with a group of similar people will allow you to develop at your own pace without fear of having to keep up with more advanced students.

Classes are offered at most health clubs, adult education centres and community centres, so there should be a class offered close to where you live. When starting out, the 'style' or type of class is much less important than the level. Find an appropriate class with a good instructor and you'll have taken the first step into an activity you can enjoy for the rest of your life.




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