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Power Tests

A power test is one of the better assessments to perform if you are involved in activities that call upon you to move a large amount of weight in a short period of time.

Whether it is your body weight that you need to transport over a given distance or a specified weight that you are lifting while in a stationary position, a power test will determine how quickly the muscles are able to respond and with how much force.

Burpee Tests

For a test that measures your core and lower body strength but will measure your aerobic capacity, start with this test. Get the details online.

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Plyometrics Tests

Most sports require elements of plyometrics to perform maximally. These tests will help you find out more about your explosive power.

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Shuttle run tests

If you want to measure your speed and agility, the shuttle run test is one of the most common ones to do. Not only will it measure what your capacity for sports are but of daily activities as well.

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Sprint bound index tests

For those interested in high intensity running, these tests will help you determine what level you are at. From fitness buffs to everyday runners, all the info you need is here.

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