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Exercise test

The exercise test is a great way to judge training progress and the tests for fitness that we have below will help you start assessing your overall level of achievement.

Exercise test results assess factors such as body composition and balancing ability, test for fitness and for your body should be done about every two months or so because assuming a proper diet and training is taking place, it will take this long to see results. See a range of exercise test ideas below.

Agility Tests

One of the key components of fitness, agility is crucial in many sports. It helps you make the quyick changes you need to succeed in various activities.

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Balance Tests

Balance tests can be very critical for determining your physical capabilities. Many sports are going to demand very good agility if you are going to play well. If you are able to excel on balance tests you will have a better chance at performing your activity to optimum levels.

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Overall fitness tests

Measuring overall fitness requires a range of tests from VO2 max to strength and aerobics testing. Start here to find out more.

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Muscle Tests

Measuring muscle is crucial for many athletes to understand fitness levels. Make sure you know what you achieving with these online tests.

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Skinfold Tests

Skinfold tests are a far better gauge of weight loss than simply stepping on the scale. Using the scale as a judge doesn't tell you if you've lost muscle or fat mass. You only want to be losing fat mass, so Skinfold tests can help!

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Weight measurement tests

Regular weight measurements can help keep an athlete on track in their training. Whether it needs to be a measure of lose or gain, start here.

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