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Explosive Tests

Any individual performing explosive tests is going to be assessing their ability to generate a great deal of power over a short period of time. Explosive tests are commonly used in athletes such as sprints, high jumpers, basketball players and football players.

Performance Evaluation

By performing regular performance evaluation assessments be able to spot overtraining before it occurs. If you notice that the results you get on a performance evaluation are considerably lower than last time, this is a great indication that you are likely not getting enough rest in between your workout sessions.

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Speed Tests

The goal of speed tests is to determine how fast your body is capable of going. Generally, these will also use force as a determinant so you will be required to not only move fast but also be able to press some amount of weight over some type of movement.

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Sprint Tests

Taking sprint tests is incredibly important for increasing your speed and take-off time. It's extremely important that you have a good intake of carbohydrates in your diet the day before and day of the sprint tests you perform.

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