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Static flexibility tests

Static flexibility tests are designed to measure how great of a distance your body is able to cover without any extra pressure or momentum of movement being added. Static flexibility tests can be performed for a variety of body parts such as your shoulders, neck, trunk, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Static Flexibility Test - Shoulder

The shoulder static flexibility test will assess how great of a range of motion you have in your upper body area. Since shoulder injuries are quite common in many sports, being sure you are improving in this area is important.

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Static Flexibility Test - Shoulder & Wrist

If you are regularly participating in any throwing sports or swim regularly, a static shoulder and wrist flexibility test will be a good way to determine your range of motion in this area of your body. Ensure you warm-up before performing the assessment, as this will increase performance results.

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Static Flexibility Test - Trunk And Neck

A static trunk and neck flexibility test is a good way to assess your range of motion in this area of the body and how prone to injuries you are. If your trunk muscles are very tense, any rotational movements you make could cause you pain.

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Static Flexibility Test - Hip And Trunk

The static hip and trunk flexibility test is a great one to do when you are participating in activities that greatly involve the lower body muscles. Before performing it, be sure to do a thorough warm-up so you don't put yourself at risk for pulling any muscles.

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