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Personal training for beginners

As with any new activity, you will always have to start from somewhere. Personal Training for beginners is what we at thefitmap.co.uk thought would be the best place to start as people will be uncertain as to how it works.

Knowing how it works in advance not only puts you at ease, but will also make your first session more productive. So read this quick guide on personal training for beginners to see how it works, what's expected of you and why this coul dreally be a great move for you.

At your first meeting, your personal trainer will want to discuss several important things. Firstly the trainer will want to know about your goals - what do you want to get out of your sessions? Do you want to improve your general fitness, lose some weight, build muscle, or maybe train for a specific event (marathon, triathlon etc)? A good trainer will want to both ask questions and do some testing, to assess your health, fitness, and capabilities. Once they have this information they will be able to devise a programme that takes account of your goals, your age, your health, your starting fitness level etc.

When you first are working out together your trainer will want to observe you exercising, to be sure you are doing the exercises correctly. They will also monitor your speed, intensity etc, to be sure that the programme is right for you and that you are working at the right level.

For economic reasons your trainer will not be present during all your workouts. Your programme will have a combination of workouts that you do alone, and others where you work together. When you work together your trainer will be monitoring both your technique and intensity, and also looking to see how you are progressing. That way they can make decisions about whether the programme needs to be adjusted.

So with the right information, you're ready for that all important first session with your new.




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